Romantic travel can mean many different styles of travel! One of the most common is sitting on a beautiful white beach, watching a gorgeous sunset.

If you could leave tomorrow, where would your romantic vacation take you??

You could be watching the sunset from a balcony, strolling around the town enjoying the night life, having a crepe at a sidewalk cafe, scuba diving or snorkeling in the clear Caribbean waters.

Where is your dream??

Could it be Europe? You could be cruising down the Seine River at night seeing the twinkling lights of Paris, or perhaps sitting at a sidewalk café with a glass of wine and a crepe taking in the culture around you. In Italy, you could explore Renaissance Art and Architecture, Cathedrals, the Coliseum, or the Vatican. Visiting a medieval town, strolling down cobblestone streets looking in all the local shops and beautiful white sand beaches are all possible in Spain. This only begins to describe what excitement awaits you in Europe!

What about a Caribbean island or the beaches in Mexico? So many choices! Spend your days snorkeling or scuba diving, lying on the beach soaking up the sun. In Puerto Rico, there is history to see, there are beautiful rain forests, and majestic waterfalls! Spending time shopping, looking for that perfect piece of jewelry, or a beautiful wood carving done by a local artist, and having a local beer looking out over the water is a beautiful way to relax.

How many of you are thinking Disney? This is the fairytale land of Princesses and their castles. Just think, you could dine in Cinderella’s castle! Do you crave that thrill of roller coasters, or the “elevator drop”? Maybe you want to play for a day at a water park. Spend a day at Epcot exploring anything from science to dining and eating authentic food from another country. Animal Kingdom offers an experience to see exotic animals. Think of the fantastic fireworks and laser shows, and there are parades in every park during the day and at night. Disney offers it all, there is entertainment for “kids” of all ages, young and old!

Cruises, Cruises, Cruises! There are so many different destinations! There is a cruise in every part of the world - Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, or America’s Great Northwest for starters. Are you dreaming of sitting on your balcony watching the sunset with your glass of wine, gourmet dining, or a massage in the spa? Do you want to go zip lining, see the history of an island, bears in Denali National Park catching a salmon from a river in Alaska? Maybe you want a cruise that explores Australia or China. There is no limit to where you can explore from a cruise port!

So you see, romance is personal! Everyone has a different idea. When is the last time you took a trip with your husband or significant other? Are you engaged? Is that “milestone” anniversary approaching? Every relationship needs that “time away” from work and family.

Where is your romantic vacation destination??

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